2024 Honorees



2024 Class of Rising Stars

Joy Hickey 

Joy Hickey, Director of Finance & Operations
Federation of State Humanities Councils

Joy is the Director of Finance & Operations at the Federation of State Humanities Councils, the national membership organization for the state and jurisdictional humanities councils.  She has worked for the Federation for 6 years and has spent the majority of her career in the non-profit sector.  Joy holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from George Mason University, a Leading with Finance certificate from Harvard Business School Online, a certificate in American Sign Language from Gallaudet University, and is an MBA Candidate at the University of Wisconsin.  She is a member of the Business Issues Committee of Parents of Autistic Children-NOVA and previously served as Treasurer of the Family Readiness Group at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and volunteer Coordinator at Virginia German Shepherd Rescue.

Outside of work, you can find her eating her way through new cities and adventuring outdoors with her husband, two kids, and dog.


Ciarra Smith

Ciarra Smith, Director of Finance and Operations
The Hands and Feet

Ciarra Smith is the Director of Operations and Finance for a nonprofit in South Florida called The Hands and Feet. The Hands and Feet deems themselves as DoorDash for foster care and provides basic necessities directly to a child in need within 48 hours of a referral. Ciarra joined Hands and Feet after having a deep passion for the foster care system. Ciarra and her husband were foster parents for 2 years and saw the incredible loss and brokenness in their community.  As a mother to a biological daughter and son and an adoptive son, Ciarra looked for other opportunities to serve families in the world of child welfare and such joined the Hands and Feet. Ciarra originally began with Hands and Feet as a volunteer to help with social media and graphics. When the Co-Founder and Executive Director started asking for financial assistance running the books she realized Ciarra was incredibly gifted in the finance world and immediately hired her to become the Director of Operations and Finance. While Ciarra holds a Bachelor of Science in Intercultural Studies and a Masters in Strategic Ministry, both from Johnson University, she has no official finance training and is completely self-taught. She now runs the entire organization’s almost $ 900,000-a-year budget solely on her own. Ciarra is “the glue that holds us all together” as stated by The Hands and Feet’s Co-Founder. 



  • COO of the Year: Justin Waller, US Chamber of Commerce
  • Association CFO of the Year: Ann Bittman, Healthcare Distribution Alliance
  • Philanthropic Organization CFO of the Year: Rick Robinson, Independent Sector
  • Rising Stars: 
    Jessica Mclain, Girl Scout Council Nation’s Capital

    Chase Warden, Land Trust Alliance
    Faides Zilemba, BOMA International


  • CFO of the Year: Yvonne Kankam-Boadu, American Speech-Language Hearing Association
  • Association CFO of the Year: Brian Green, CPA, CAE, Consumer Healthcare Products Association
  • Philanthropic Organization CFO of the Year: Mahomed Ouedraogo, Access Community Health Network
  • Rising Stars:
    Christina Hadden, Global Impact

    Zarina Manapova, Airports Council International North America


  • CFO of the Year: Eileen Ramage, National Association of Home Builders
  • Association CFO of the Year: Dave Fitzsimmons, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Inc.
  • Philanthropic Organization CFO of the Year: John Robertson, Capital Area Food Bank
  • Rising Stars:
    Leila Green, Conference of State Bank Supervisors
    Brice Hadden, Managed Funds Association
    Tanisha Lewis, American Association for the Advancement of Science


  • CFO of the Year: Joseph Budzynski, Volunteers of America
  • Association CFO of the Year: Lisa Haynes, Mortgage Bankers Association
  • Philanthropic Organization CFO of the Year: Steve Barker, World Resources Institute
  • Rising Stars:
    Zahilys Hernandez, National Retail Federation
    Randy Marsh, Horton’s Kids
    Jessica Sherry, Share Our Strength


  • CFO of the Year: Joe Janela, American Pharmacists Association
  • Association CFO of the Year: Margie Erinle, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
  • Philanthropic Organization CFO of the Year: Mary Jane Morrow, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington
  • Rising Stars:
    Rick Cohen, National Council of Nonprofits
    Tea Gennaro, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc
    Zerihun Haile-Selassie, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
    Dave Jackson, American Counseling Association
    Warren Sander, Society for Conservation Biology


  • CFO of the Year: Guy Sheetz, Futures Industry Association
  • Association CFO of the Year: Allison Ingram, Society of Military Engineers
  • Philanthropic Organization CFO of the Year: Jim Thomasell, National Parent Teacher Association
  • Rising Star: Mark Hornby, Family Career and Community Leaders of America


  • CFO of the Year: Deborah Cowan, NPR
  • Nonprofit Transformational Leader: Paul Archambeault, Airlines for America
  • Rising Star: Carolyn Mollen, Independent Sector


  • CFO of the Year: Philip Parisi, United Service Organizations
  • Nonprofit Transformational Leaders:
    Paul Vitale, Toy Industry Association
    Tom Tepper, Wilderness Society
  • Rising Star: Don Miller, Meals on Wheels America


  • CFO of the Year: Stewart Uretsky, Brookings
  • Nonprofit Transformational Leaders:
    James Lum, Guide Star
    Sam DiCario, Food Marketing Insitute
  • Rising Star: Sara Bannon, American Society of International Law


  • CFO of the Year: Marvin Irby, National Restaurant Association
  • Nonprofit Transformational Leaders:
    Samantha Barbee, International Youth Foundation
    Forrest Cason, Mental Health Center of Denver
  • Rising Star: John Lozitio, Academy of Management


  • CFO of the Year: Stanley Berman, Global Impact
  • Nonprofit Transformational Leaders: Kimberly McKinnish, National Beer Wholesalers Association
  • Rising Star: Jason Daisey, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc


  • Nonprofit CFO Lifetime Achievement Award: Kevin Hardardt, American Gas Association
  • Nonprofit CFO Innovator of the Year Award: David Keen, National Association of Counties (NACo)
  • Rising Star: Lisa Stewart, Institute for Higher Education Policy


  • Nonprofit CFO Lifetime Achievement Award: Moira Fathy Baker, National Science Teachers Association
  • Nonprofit CFO Innovator of the Year Award: Christopher Liedel, National Geographic Society
  • Rising Star: Alexis George, Bob Woodruff Foundation


  • Nonprofit CFO Lifetime Achievement Award: Eileen Frazier, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
  • Nonprofit CFO Innovator of the Year Award: Jack Deeds, Search for Common Ground
  • Rising Star: Stephanie Murphy, Air-conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute


  • Nonprofit CFO Lifetime Achievement Award: Kristen Conte, Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation
  • Nonprofit CFO Innovator of the Year Award: Usha Chaudhary, United Way of America
  • Rising Star: Abigail Gorman, American Dental Education Association


  • Nonprofit CFO Lifetime Achievement Award: Brenda Hargett, American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery